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Avoid Foreclosure – AND the Tax Man

stop-foreclosure1Have you ever wondered why some foreclosures sit on the market for what seems like forever and others are foreclosed on right away? The homeowner who has diligently paid their mortgage on time year after year and have built up equity in their home are foreclosed on first! The bank sees the value and plans to make back their money AND get your equity when they auction off your home.

Other homeowners who have little or no equity are allowed to remain in the home without payment sometimes for years!  Banks know they will reduce the incidences of vandalism and have someone who may keep up the home for free if they are allowed to remain.  It also allows the market to appreciate over that time so that a future sale will be more profitable for the bank.

Then, if that’s not enough, the IRS will charge you income tax on the loan amount

tax man in the form of a 1099 Miscellaneous. Your foreclosed loan is taxed as earned income in that single tax year!

Unfortunately sellers lose their home and their equity to banks all the time and then have the double jeopardy of having to pay an additional tax in already distressed situation.

You have options the bank doesn’t want you to know about.  I can help. Call me or go online here and answer a few questions, and I’ll work with you to get what you want for your home and get you moving forward again. I am a REALTOR®, but this is not about listing your home for sale.  I am also an investor and this is about getting you what you want for your house, helping you prevent foreclosure and the taxman. Don’t wait until you’re more than two to three months behind.  Then, it’s much harder to help you get what you want for your house.

cbs isaPlease call me as soon as you know you can’t make your payment.  I’ll ask a few confidential questions by phone to see if my team and I can help, and schedule a visit to see your property.  Call or email me today.  Click this link to see the questions.  My team and I can help you prevent foreclosure, the taxman and get you moving forward.

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Here’s a testimonial from a loyal fan:

‘Chrystal, your experience and professionalism helped me prevail through difficult times in the listing and sale of my long-time family home.

From creating professional marketing materials including onsite brochures, online photo tour, and email blasts, promotion of my listing through TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.com, to showing the house 6 of the 24 times it was shown, you were on the job.

After the property was under contract, your previous experience and successful resolution of similar problems discovered during the home inspections helped me work through a difficult transaction that included a breakdown in communications, unexpected property conditions and lender required repairs, and keeping the buyer on track with lending requirements and in love with the house until closing.

I couldn’t have done it without you.  It’s my pleasure to recommend your real estate services to everyone I know.’

Tony Sweatt, Fort Mill, South Carolina

The Safari Group Launches New Foreclosure Help Division

CHARLOTTE, NC – Nov 01, 2014 – REALTOR® Chrystal Safari Roy, Broker in Charge, and The Safari Group of Charlotte, NC are proud to announce the addition of a new foreclosure relief division to their real estate practice earlier this month. Carolinas Foreclosure Help division expands the practice due to its continued growth and commitment in delivering quality customer service combined with the latest strategies to assist home owners in the sale of their homes and to assist new home buyers in purchasing homes at a great value in the Charlotte, Fort Mill, Waxhaw and Weddington areas for a growing number of clients.

Chrystal Roy is owner of the local boutique real estate firm and has been a REALTOR® for 14 years practicing real estate in the Charlotte Metro area for that time.  She is licensed in North and South Carolina. The Safari Group is a full service brokerage firm specializing in listings, sales, tenant procurement and rental portfolio development.  Her mission with the new division follows years of experience with clients who attempted to avoid foreclosure on their own, falling victim to the banks’ superior knowledge and know-how, is to educate customers and clients on all aspects of real options for home owners who are in distress leading to a smoother transition from a home owner at risk of foreclosure, to avoiding foreclosure and the credit and tax liability that comes with it.  In addition to pre-foreclosure counseling, Mrs. Roy will make recommendations on approaches to renewed home ownership as a part of the client’s recommended recovery plan.

The Safari Group’s website, TheSafariGroup.com, and its associated blog include information on how customers can, not just get the most out of their financial situation, but avoid the decade-long stigma of foreclosure and also how they can help themselves speed up credit recovery times.

“I’m happy to be part of debt relief and recovery in the Charlotte and surrounding areas, and to be part of Mr. and Mrs. Homeowners’ solution to foreclosure at such a difficult time for their families,” said Mrs. Roy. “In my years of experience, there’s never been such an advocate for homeowners with approaches that both avoid foreclosure for the homeowner and provide a quick opportunity for returning to home ownership.”

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Chrystal Safari Roy has over 20 years experience in personal property management and residential real estate sales and is a licensed REALTOR® in North and South Carolina.  As a MASTERS Designation holder, she is a specialist in New Construction, Finance, Marketing, Objection Handling, Relocation, Technology, and is a multi-million dollar producer.  Chrystal is a member in good standing of the Charlotte Regional Association of REALTORS®, North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, and National Association of REALTORS®.