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I once lost a sale to bad feng shui. ONCE.

As the seller’s agent, I had a new listing and was very excited when early on, it received several showings to the same client.  The seller further explained that each time the clients were in the house, they stayed for hours.  Imagine my surprise when I followed up with the buyer’s agent to learn the rest of the story.

The young couple had seen the house and loved it.  It was in a great part of town, was in good condition, and had a large, flat back yard, living room and den with hardwood burning fireplace, all in a small community with swim club, and was priced right.


Then they brought grandma to see the house.  They were an Oriental family, and in honor, they consulted their elders.  Grandma immediately vetoed the purchase.


You know, we say that we learn from our mistakes. Not so.  We learn from correcting our mistakes.  Here’s what I learned:

Certain physical features of a house have positive and negative energies, kind of like words that have positive and negative connotations.  Take the word hammer.  I’d say that word is neutral.  It has neither a positive nor negative connotation.  However, if a hammer becomes a weapon, it takes on a negative connotation.   Translated into floor plan, stairs can become a negative according to the practices of feng shui if they end at the front door.

Now, that’s an unchangeable feature of a house, but there’s hope!  I learned there are specific remedies to each of the problems that may be present!


One of the first things I do when considering accepting a listing into my inventory is to evaluate the property from many perspectives, including saleability in terms of condition, neighborhood statistics and other factors.  One of those factors is to determine if negative feng shui elements are present.  If any exist, I consult with the seller, sharing my experience and developing a staging plan to counter the negativity.  Every negative factor has a countermeasure.  Most are simple and inexpensive to apply.  Take note that there is some variation among feng shui proponents as to specific measures to take, but generally, the technique is straightforward.


And although not a subscriber of the practice, I believe the effects it can have on a sale.  I’m also savvy enough to realize in a diverse market, seller’s objectives must be to appeal to the broadest customer base. I’ve learned to identify what certain buyers will be put off by from the feng shui perspective and how to overcome that objective before it arises, adding value to your listing and sale.   At Your Service!


Chrystal Safari has over 16 years experience in personal property management and residential real estate sales and is a licensed REALTOR® in North and South Carolina.  As a MASTERS Designation holder, she is a specialist in New Construction, Finance, Marketing, Objection Handling, Relocation, Technology, and is a multi-million dollar producer.  Chrystal is a member in good standing of the Charlotte Regional Association of REALTORS®, North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, and National Association of REALTORS®.


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