Daily Archives: March 16, 2009

Charlotte Area Showings Trends

I spoke with a rep at Centralized Showings today to ask the showing trends, appointments that have been made by agents to show buyers homes, in the Charlotte market. 

Great news!  Our market has officially begun!

Here are the stats:


October had 50,461 scheduled showings

November had 46,160 scheduled showings

December had 38,829 scheduled showings


(Numbers still being gathered as we complete March)

January had 61,822 scheduled showings

February (shortest month) had 59,034 scheduled showings

     The numbers speak for themselves that buyers are back on the move, making appointments with agents to view real estate. 

     These numbers don’t include the visits to new construction communities where buyers, with and without agents, tour model homes, negotiate contracts, begin building and close.

     For sellers, this is great news that buyers are actively searching for homes with agents.  And for buyers, it should be motivation to make that offer since more buyers are moving into the market.

     Rates are still low, inventory high, and lenders and builders are making nice concessions because it’s end of month, end of quarter.  If you’ve been thinking of making your next move, email me.  I can help you negotiate your best deal.